Vryta, wetlands to discover

The village of Vryta is a small mountainous village next to one of the most beautiful wetlands in Greece, which is characterized by many different elements (canals, wetlands, springs, reeds, etc.) and which hosts a great wealth of rare species of birds. Lake Agra-Vritton-Nissiou is an artificial lake created in 1953 on the bed of the river Edessaios at the point where used to be a swamp. Kaimaktsalan rises to the north and Mount Vermio to the south.

The village is known for its rich local customs and traditions with various events during the year in the local chapels, such as the group roasting of animals in the chapel of Agios Georgios, where five trees come together to form a human body. Also, the area is famous for its old revelers and cantadors but also for the events that keep their color with strong elements of folklore & tradition. The blossoming cherry trees make the village a spring destination. With many outdoor activities in all 4 seasons, it is a destination for all months of the year.