Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Old city of Visoki

On the top of the Visočica hill, with an overview of the whole valley, the remains of an old middle age fortress which has serves as the seat of the Great Prince of Bosnia where a lot of important records of Mideval Bosnia. This old mideval town has been built during the 14th century and was for some time the central part of the Bosnian diocese, and a Royal residence of the Kulin ban. The Visoko valley with the Old Town Visoki has been the early centre of the Bosnian Kingdom. Eventhough it was a historically very important, the Old town Visoki was not too big, where it had two towers which protected it, and its primary function has been defence, eventhough many Bosnian rulers have created very important documents and charters.

Eventhough it has been deserted a long time ago, evidence on which the history of Visoko and other areas around Visoko is based, have been found during 1950s, 1970s and 1980 by arheological research and findings. The Old town is located on the top of the so called Bosnia pyramid of the Sun, and its access point is on the southwest side with the plateau which is located 60 metres lower. This site represents a very interesting place to visit and from it, there is a beautiful view of the entire town.