Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Local community action improves tourism

In 2019, the city of Visoko became richer for another national monument under state protection, the “Old Mosque in Goduša”. It was recognized as an architectural entity, which has historical, social, documentary and ambient value. All of them individually make this monument unique not only for the Visoko area, but also for the wider area. At the time of its declaration, it is the youngest national monument in Visoko, but it is one of the oldest mosques in the Visoko area.

What can be presented as a good example of joint action of a small local community is what the people who live in this area have done on their own. They have used their own funds and strengths to reconstruct a part of the road leading to the mosque in order to make it more accessible to tourists being as their numbers are increasing each year. This has been recognized as good touristic  potential and the local community has been the first to recognize it as such.