Vareš, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vareš art festival 2022

Vareš Art Festival – VAART has been started with the objective to promote and preserve the identity of Vareš and the rich historical heritage which is based on which the whole municipality’s development is based upon. This heritage has been formed for hundreds of years and the programs and activities of this festival will ensure further development of culture in the Municipality of Vareš.

With its art programs, VAART has brought contemporary art and culture to Vareš all with the aim of improving the quality of culture and art aspect, as well as through a more active contribution to the development of the civil society in Vareš.

VAART events have been organized as cultural-historical entertainment nights or through daily contents which have been divided into: art shows, theatre plays, performance, concert and literature activities and promotions. VAART has been held from 22nd to 29th July this year.