Vareš, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 8th International art colony Borovica

The eight international art colony in Borovica has been organized in the Municipality of Vareš. During the 4 days it has lasted, the painters coming from the entire region have created works of art in a graphical and painting workshops on the magical spring environment of the village Borovice.

From the first meeting, this colony bearing the name “Art in the Forest of the Forgotten Kingdom” gathers artists from the region, promoting the identity of Vareš, the Royal City of Bobovac and other cultural and historical values of this region.

A total of 37 formats were created at the colony’s workshops, of which the record holder is probably the artist Jerca Šantej from Slovenia with 17 works, one of which is a polyptych on 12 plates. The works from this colony will be shown at several exhibitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina during this year,. It is expected that a catalogue will be created, and from August to October a sculpture workshop is planned as a special part of Art Colony Borovica 2022 – the organizers point out. The organization of this colony was supported by the Municipality of Vareš, the Native Community of Borovica, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Zenica-Doboj canton and the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports.