The waterfalls near Daphne

Daphne belongs to the Municipality of Visaltia, whose south-southwestern part is mountainous, while its north-northeastern part is lowland. The village is situated at the south of the plain of Serres and at the northern foot of Mount Kerdylio, at an altitude of 110 metres. The surrounding area is a unique canvas of natural beauty, 18 kilometres away from Nigrita, the Municipality’s capital, 35 kilometres away from Serres and 90 kilometres awayfrom Thessaloniki.

Daphne is particularly gifted with lush vegetation surrounding natural streams which form small waterfalls falling into a natural small lake, where locals in particular take a swim to cool themselves down especially during the summer. Visitors can admire the “Tower of Maro” in the central square of the village, the main church of Agios Georgios (Saint George), as well as the magnificent natural environment with the lush vegetation, the waterfalls and the small natural lake outside the village.

Furthermore, visitors can taste the area’s extraordinary culinary tradition with lots of local recipes, such as traditional handmade pasta (frumenty, couscous, noodles, groats, etc), traditional handmade spoon sweets and jams (cherry, sour cherry, peach, apricot, fig, orange, etc), different delicious pies (meat, cheese, spinach, squash, etc), as well as handmade sweets and food dishes (goat, veal and pork traditional recipes).