The hospital community of Petrokerasa

Petrokerasa is a village and a community of Langadas municipality. It is located in the south of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki, at the foot of Chortiatis. A beautiful traditional village that attracts visitors because of its architecture, lush vegetation and of course because of its hospitable inhabitants. The most characteristic point in the village is the large square. It is paved, has large plane trees that offer their shade in summer, has no vehicles and around it there are cafes and taverns. The church of the village is dedicated to the Prophet Elias and was built in 1810. There are also the chapels of Panagia, Agios Athanasios, Agia Triada, Agios Christoforos and Agios Georgios. In the village it is also worth seeing the folklore museum, the traditional Galiagria candle workshop, the flour mill and the well of Nannouda.