The historical settlement of Emmanule Papas

The village of Emmanuel Papas belongs to the homonymous Municipality of the Regional Unit of Serres. It constitutes a historical settlement, being the birthplace of Emmanuel Papas, a hero and commander-in-chief of the Greek Revolution of 1821 in Macedonia, after whom it was later named (“Dovista” being its previous name). The entire settlement is considered to be traditional after state legislation, as it is rich in history, tradition, folklore and culture.

The village of Emmanuel Papas has also been a pioneer in letters, since the “Dovista Urban School” (Boys’ School-Girls’ School-Kindergarten) operated there in 1860. Lying at the foot of Mount Menikio, the semi-mountainous and well-preserved settlement with the about 500 houses, maintains its traditional style with the narrow streets among tall houses dominating the village scenery.

The cultural element of Emmanuel Papas is also intense, since in addition to the local Cultural Association, there are other homonymous Cultural Associations in Athens and Thessaloniki active and with thousands of members of non-inhabitants of the village.