The fine wines of Goumenissa

The traditional-looking town of Goumenissa with 3.609 inhabitants,  is built at the eastern foothills of Mount Paiko at an altitude of 250 meters. Goumenissa is a wine-cultivating center, for centuries reputed for its fine wines. Besides wine-tasting, visitors can enjoy the characteristic Macedonian architecture of the quiet town. Indeed, travelers can relax and enjoy the  tranquility by walking through narrow streets, admiring old traditional houses, while being charmed by abundant waters, endless vegetation, the uniqueness of the natural environment, and the warm hospitality of the people.  Goumenissa is also a town for alternative types of tourism and multiple interests, providing options such as the old Monastery of the Virgin with its miraculous icon, the impressive three- aisled church of Saint Georgios, built in 1864, with its marble templum and its wonderful icons dating from 1825 and the monasteries of Paiko (Saint Raphael, Hosios Nicodemus).

But besides the monastic tourism, the wine-tasting, the cultural and architectural charms, not to be missed is the Alevra Folklore Museum. The regional cultural events are remarkable. Festivities and fairs are performed with great grandeur, while keeping customs and traditions intact. In addition, various tradition-oriented events (usually pertaining to folklore), as well as popular festivities (i.e. modern music and dance) draw in local crowds. Especially well-known are “The Copper (Instruments) of Goumenissa”. The town of Goumenissa was once also a major silk-producing center, as claimed by the old factory “Chrysallis”.