The ancient town of Ossa

At a distance of 45 minutes from Thessaloniki, built on the slopes of Vertiskos, at an altitude of 650 meters, stands Ossa, one of the oldest and most historic settlements in the province of Langadas, in the prefecture of Thessaloniki. The history of the area dates back to Hellenistic times, when the city of ancient Visaltia flourished, a little east of Ossa, on the border with Sochos. Above the present village dominates the hill Kouri, where archaeological excavations have brought to light traces of an ancient Hellenistic settlement.

Today Ossa is a traditional and picturesque settlement of about 300 permanent residents, most of whom are farmers and stockbreeders. The natural characteristics and climatic conditions of the region favor the local production of agricultural products, with the production of high-quality cherries predominating. The village also has an organic vineyard, included in the wine production network of the “Wine Roads of Northern Greece”, with quality performance and production of wines bearing the indication of origin “Local Wine of Plagia Vertiskou”.