Skra, idyllic landscape

Skra (formally called Ljumnitsa), owes its current appellation to the nearby summit Skra di Legen. The latter was an important World War I battlefield, famous for the battle of Skra-Ravine, which was a decisive factor for the Greek fate as well as for the entire war.

The landscape around the village is idyllic, with unspoiled and wild vegetation. Small but steep slopes boast of crystal-clear waters, which in turn form short or tall waterfalls; this countryside is a gem for nature lovers. Also, a sight to behold is the Sapphire Lake, so called because of its wonderful green color, due to an array of calcified and petrified microorganisms at its bottom. This small, naturally formed lake lies hidden behind an almost impassable barrier of hazel-nut trees, ivy, and clematis plants; it is known for its beauty and freezing cold waters.