SAFARI ON THE BANAT PLAIN: A real adventure on the roads of history to the resting place of the Attila the Hun Attila the Whip of God. A SEGMENT of a unique journey into the past, within the project of the Adriatic-Ionian network of authentic villages and promotion of Belo Blato near Zrenjanin, as an ethno-rural destination, has entered into the final phase of presenting all potentials of this unusual, multicultural village and its surroundings. A part of the working group, led by Professor Milan Nedeljkov, has embarked on an adventure in the paths of history in recent days, with the aim of determining and marking the way to a possible or supposed resting place of the mystical Hun leader, Attila the Whip of God. This route would take visitors, eager for adventure, back to another time and introduce them to the world of the past, mysticism and unusual narratives in the most original way – says Professor Nedeljkov, noting that his expedition started on the former Imperial Road from Beo Blato to the embouchure of the Begej River into Tisza, through a unique area of Pannonian wastelands and rainforests, where true safari, in the spirit of popular adventures of Indiana Jones, ended right where, according to legend, where the great Attila was buried, beneath of Titelski breg, where Begej flows into the Tisza. Nice weather, clearly visible hill from where the Atila’s generals saluted at the end of the day, almost visible and surreal picture of that event with exceptional surroundings, brought us back to the world of past, origins and ancestral memories – added Milan Nedeljkov, noting that the spirit of the past is real and unique and that all those who love and want this kind of adventure will feel it without any problems.