Olovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Resort Zeleni vir

The Zeleni vir resort has been attracting the attention of numerous visitors both from Bosnia and Herzegovina and from abroad for several years now. Located only 2 kilometers from Olovo, next to the river Bioštica, it is a real emerald and an oasis of peace. Zeleni vir has two pools that are filled with natural, healing thermal water. The source of thermal water is located near the resort. The pools are adapted for adults – a large pool and for children – a small pool. In addition to the swimming pool, the resort has a restaurant with a wide selection of dishes and drinks. The restaurant’s garden stretches along the river bank, and part of the garden is located on a platform above the water. In addition to the natural beauty that is abundant here, various activities are constantly organized, especially for the youngest visitors. Easily accessible (only 2 km from the Sarajevo-Tuzla main road), the resort has become a favorite destination for a large number of visitors.