Post-Project realized Ideas in local pilot areas

The realized analysis of the post-project phases of the ADRIONET project has been marked by active participation and invaluable contributions from the local pilot areas, namely the Municipality of Olovo, Municipality of Vareš, and the City of Visoko.

Protection of natural resources as the tourist potential in the municipality of Vareš

The Foundation for the Reconstruction and Development of the Vareš Region organized a Public Forum on the protection of Zvijezda Mountain, a significant event held to address the potential designation of the mountain as a protected nature area. The forum aimed to emphasize the critical importance of preserving Zvijezda Mountain for various reasons.


A very important recognition for the Royal City of Bobovac – Municipality of Vareš

In the post-project period, and thanks to the dedicated and dedicated work of the Association, incorporating the principles of “Hospitable community”, the village of Mijakovići with the royal town of Bobovac was included in the list of the 14 most beautiful villages of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Taking this as an incentive for the future, much more attention and resources will be devoted to the preservation, improvement and promotion of the natural and cultural heritag

e of rural areas with the aim of contributing to their economic development.

Research of tourism potential by usage of thermal waters – Municipality of Olovo

On the 3rd Congress of geologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was held in Neum, a paper titled “Thermal waters in the tourist offer of Olovo Municipality” with the richness of the municipality’s thermal springs, the capacities of the thermal springs, their current utilization and opportunities for new capacities in the field of spa-recreational tourism and economic development was presented to the participants.

SRC Aquaterm – capacity increase – Municipality of Olovo

In accordance with the growing demand for health and recreational tourism, the Spa and Recreation Centre Aquaterm in Olovo decided to proactively respond to the increased need for accommodation facilities. This initiative stems from two key components that form the basis of the project – firstly, the emphasized interest of visitors for a quality health experience and natural spas, and secondly, the desire to improve the tourist offer in order to strengthen the recognition of Olovo as a destination in the recreational sector.

S.R.C.A. Ajdinovići – “School in nature” program – Municipality of Olovo

As part of the comprehensive concept of school in nature, a large number of students from all over the country visit S.R.C.A. Ajdinovići in order to experience a unique combination of entertainment and education in the beautiful rural environment of the village of Ajdinovići. This program significantly contributed to increasing the visibility and importance of this type of tourism in the Municipality of Olovo. The ADRIONET project played an important role in the promotion of S.R.C.A Ajdinovići as a destination that offers unique educational and touristic content, thereby stimulating the interest of schools and students throughout the country.

S.R.C.A. Ajdinovići – Organic products from the kitchen of S.R.C.A.

Using a traditional recipe and wild pomegranate from the locality of Ajdinovići, their homemade jam becomes a real little work of art, enriching the flavors of autumn. This precious product, of which they are extremely proud, seems to be more than jam – it represents a combination of local flavors and traditions, contributing to an authentic experience of gastronomic heritage.

Park “Ravne 2” enriches content available on site – City of Visoko

The archaeological – tourist – sports park “Ravne 2” within the complex of pyramids in Visoko is constantly working on expanding and improving the content that can be seen in that area. Two ceremonies were held at which two new pavilions and two new great installations were opened. It is a statue of the Illyrian queen Teuta, while the other installation is an original stećak.

Future tourism development documents – City of Visoko

The city of Visoko has adopted strategic documents, on which the development of tourism should be based, which is a key factor in the planned, strategic approach to solving shortcomings and enriching the tourist offer. Considering that some projects are already underway and intensive work is being done to improve cultural and tourist content, we believe that Visoko will be able to meet the demands of visitors.