Olovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Ponjerci-Boganovići cave

The Ponjerci-Boganovići cave is located near Olovo. The entrance to this cave is in one village – Ponijerci, and the exit is in another village – Boganovići. The length of its channel is a little more than 200 meters, and the height ranges from 5 to 30 meters. The entrance to the cave is about 15 meters wide and up to 40 meters high. The cave is a typical example for getting to know the way of circulation and distribution of water in the interior of limestone terrains. The interior of the cave is filled with cascading tubs, and during autumn and winter nature shows all its untamedness here, because the Ponijerčica River flows from the cave opening to the Krivaja River. The cave is 100% explored, and belongs to the very accessible caves. Plant life in the cave is almost non-existent, most likely due to the tunnel shape and constant ventilation. Among the animal life, bats can be found within the cave, and pigeons can be found at the entrance and exit. Lately, it has become very interesting to tourists from all over BiH, but also the world.