Olovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Aquaterm

Staying in nature, unpolluted air, healing properties of water, spas, health and recreation centers suitable for vacation, are just some of the opportunities for the development of spa treatment and tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The lead region has a special potential for this type of tourism in an area with at least seven geothermal springs. Olovo Spa, whose source in the city has a capacity of 60 l/s with a temperature of 36 degrees and confirmed medicinal properties in the treatment of rheumatism, various skin diseases and neuralgia. Unfortunately, only a small part of this wealth has been used, because the rest of this invaluable natural treasure flows irretrievably with the waters of Krivaja.

The renovation of the Aquaterm spa, which broke all attendance records, contributes to this. Aquaterm Spa in Olovo has existed since 1977, but has recently experienced a real expansion and modernization. “Aquaterm” is a modernly equipped institution for recreation, leisure and rehabilitation. Thanks to its healing properties, it is suitable for the treatment of a large number of rheumatic, neurological, orthopedic diseases, and many other conditions. It represents a must see when visiting this small town in Zenica-Doboj canton area.