Olovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Ajdinovići

S.R.C.A. Ajdinovići

Sports and Recreation Center Ajdinovići – S.R.C.A is located not far from the main Sarajevo-Tuzla road in the municipality of Olovo. The complex was built in 2014, and due to the sports fields and various content that guests have the opportunity to enjoy, it is considered one of the most attractive and popular resorts in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

A large number of activities are created daily in this complex, such as various sports competitions, games without borders, as well as a tasting of traditional Bosnian coffee from a giant golden pot. Also, in this area there is a unique zoo that is the best attraction for the children. Within the zoo you can see 38 alpine deer, wolf and she-wolf, foxes and many domestic animals. It is expected that the family of the zoo will increase by one bear, for which housing in the form of a house and a swimming pool is already ready.

They are located on the Nis plateau, which is rich in clean, healthy air and the forest landscape has a positive effect on improving metabolism and provides a feeling of relaxation. The food prepared in this complex is healthy and natural, while staying in nature preserves and improves health and allows children complete freedom of movement while leading a healthy, active lifestyle, accompanied by an animation team that prepares a rich and varied animation program for them.

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