Local action plans in Croatia

In order to establish a transnational network of „authentic villages“, the first step was to develop a Local action plan (LAP) for the selected areas. PI REDEA (project partner from Croatia) has chosen three municipalities located in Međimurje, the northernmost part of Croatia: Municipality of Nedelišće, Municipality of Štrigova and Municipality of Sveta Marija. After making the analysis of the areas (mapping of cultural/environmental/natural features) online workshops were held (for all partners from Italy, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, BiH and Albania) through five modules to strengthen the competencies of the territorial mediators who actively participated in the development of LAP for each selected area.

Nedelisce1 Nedelisce2

PI REDEA held LAP development workshops for local stakeholders (active individuals, entrepreneurs, associations and organizations). The first workshops were held together with territorial mediators and subcontracted experts in strategic planning and sustainable development, Mirna Karzen and Maja Hranilović (from Ecorys Croatia). Participants discussed strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) for their areas. Following the SWOT analysis, key challenges and beneficiaries were defined for the five topics: Social and relational capital, a resource for development; “Young people are the future of the village, without them the village has no future”; Intelligent and resilient villages and territories, bearers of an idea of the future; Utilisation and increase of tourist vocation, with a view to sustainability and employment: the “hospitable community” and Productive “know-how”.

Sveta Marija1 Sveta Marija2

The second set of workshops deepened the analysis for all three municipalities and one pilot action was selected for each area. Following the finalization of the Local action plans, a Transnational action plan was developed. It includes LAPs from all partner countries.

Strigova1 Strigova2

Here you can watch a video with workshops highlights.