Kitros, under the Olympus Mount

Kitros is a hilly area located on the boarder of the second and third unit of the region. It is a place with a view of the Olympus Mountain and the Thermaikos Gulf. In the South, Mount Olympus dominates with its majestic peak Mytikas. In the West, the Pierian mountains rise. In the North, at a distance of 50 kms, lies the city of Thessaloniki. And at a distance of only 3 kms you can reach the seaside, named Alykes Kitros, a unique lagoon in the East.

Nearby Kitros, there are two important archaeological sites: the remains of Ancient Pydna and the Bishop’s ancient palace complex and settlement located in Louloudies Kitros, established in 479 AD. A few kilometres away there is also the Neolithic settlement of Makrygialos.

Surrounded by organized vineyards, you can take a tour of the production areas, the wine cellars and the tasting rooms, where you can taste award-winning wines. Many distilleries produce tsipouro of excellent quality. Alykes of Kitros are also famous for its mussel production. There are also a few taverns in the area where visitors can taste fresh sea food.