In Polesine Zibello the start of the territorial mediation process

In Emilia-Romagna started the participatory process which, through territorial mediation, must lead to meetings with local administrators and stakeholders to define the main axes of Adrionet’s intervention in the area.

The first meeting took place in Polesine Zibello, on the banks of the Po; participated – in addition to the operators of the coop. Eta Beta, in charge of territorial mediation – also the mayor of Polesine, Massimo Spigaroli; the deputy mayor of Boretto, Andrea Codelupi; and the deputy mayor of Villanova sull’Arda, Emanuele Emani.

Among other things, they are responsible for coordinating the activities of the administrators of the other 8 municipalities of the three provinces of Piacenza, Parma and Reggio Emilia involved in Adrionet.