Bosnia and Herzegovina: Vareš – Villages Strica and Zaruđe – Zvijezda mountain

Villages Strica and Zaruđe on the Zvijezda Mountain at 1.000 meters above sea level were pioneers in rural tourism in the early 1980s. Mountain air, silence, pitiful landscape, all kinds of domestic products obtained by organic farming are increasingly suitable for the oasis for travellers intentions and guests. The altitude also favours the development of winter tourism, and the villages have, along with quality accommodation, a pond with restaurant, ski lift, picnic, meat, milk, eggs, pasta, fruits and vegetables. The farm “Zaruđe” is located near Vareš and it is registered as an agricultural craft owned by Josip Babić. In addition to its own farm cows on the slopes of mountain Zvijezda (1,270 meters above sea level), milk is obtained from the purchase from the local population. This little farm has become known for its smoked cheese, as well as fresh whole-grain cheese. What makes this farm special is that cows spend 24 hours outdoors and are in the barn only during milking or during the winter period.

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