Bosnia and Herzegovina: Vareš – Perun mountain

Perun near Vareš is not so famous, but a mountain with great potential for tourism development. It has been rarely mentioned as an attractive touristic destination, but it still is a very beautiful mountain. Perun is situated between Vareš and Bobovac or Kraljeva Sutjeska and is one of the cult places in the belief of the old Slavs. A mountain lodge “Javorje” which represents a kind of “holiday house” for anyone who decides to visit the lodge is located on Perun. The house is located on an hour to an hour and a half (depending on your condition) marked tracks from Vareš and Vareš Majdan. It should also be noted that the lodge is at an altitude of 1427 meters. The largest peak in the Zenica-Doboj Canton is Karasovina also on Perun at 1472 meters above sea level. Regardless of the altitude of Perun, it is a gentle mountain with beautiful landscapes that will enrich your walk in the summer and in winter to enhance the enjoyment of skiing or snowboarding. This mountain is often visited by cyclists, motorcyclists and off-road Jeep competitions on the roads and tracks that are ideal for “adrenaline” sports. A special attraction is a “bird’s eye view” experience in a paragliding tandem seat with a certified pilot.

A mountain lodge “Javorje”