Authentic village Belo Blato promo tour

Authentic village Belo Blato promo tour – the final event
As part of the implementation of the “Adriatic-Ionian Network of Authentic Villages” (ADRIONET) project, RDA Banat organised an all-day, final event on Wednesday, June 29 in Belo Blato, where the most important results of the project were presented.
In the presence of regional and local institutions, representatives of the NGO sector and the local community, a network of authentic villages, of which Belo Blato is a member, was promoted in the Summer Classroom of the Ethno House in Belo Blato.
After the formal part, the attendees had the opportunity to watch a promotional film about this tourist destination, also one of the results of the project, and then the promotional tour started named “SAFARI AROUND THE CIRCLE OF THE PANNON ISLAND – In the footsteps of the mystical Hun warrior – Attila the Scourge of God”.
This new tourist product, which in a unique way evokes the natural beauty of this peaceful Vojvodina village, located between Carska Bara, Begej and Tisa, is the result of the cooperation and partnership of all local actors who contribute to the development of tourism in Belo Blato.